Registry and Minutes of Parliament

Preparation of the report of the dissolved assembly and the disaggregated map of the manufactured units and the performance of all duties including:

Real Estate:


• Do all the registrations from registration to issuance of ownership document

• Perform all matters relating to the revocation of the conflicting ownership document

• Receiving a duplicate ownership document, obtaining a duplicate ownership document, documenting, obtaining a separate ownership document for each heir or landlord, obtaining a title deed pursuant to Articles 147 and 148 of the Registration Act (as amended by Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Amendment Act). And Removal of Items from the Law on Registration of Properties and Documents (3/4/65)

• Obtaining the minutes of the separation assembly, property division, aggregation, division letter, obtaining the Supervisory Board's vote of the province's registration (Article 25 of the Registration Act (

• Carrying out all matters related to Article 12 Commission (Land Recognition) and Article 5 Commission (Land Use Change)

• Performing all corrections to the document including Article 149 of the Registration Act (adding the area recorded in the document);

• Prepare maps of boundary, architecture, cadastre and map implementation on the land