About us

Behsakht Baya Co. Throughout its years of activity and presence in the building industry of the country, thanks to God and benefiting from expert experts and experienced engineers, familiar with the laws of urban planning, has always tried to be honest and trustworthy in consulting and cooperation. With our customers, while satisfying them is a model for customer respect.


Benefits of building services and consulting:

• Create a safe, honest atmosphere for the convenience and convenience of our customers
• Free consultation by experienced engineers on all building and construction standards
• Continuous follow up of files by professional staff to prevent unnecessary referrals to the municipality and departments and save customers time and money.
• Full mastery of architectural drawing (with the most beautiful and modern designs) and computational drawing (with the most accurate and economical calculations)
• Interior design and decoration based on the latest architectural models, installation drawings, electrical and mechanical, and a variety of quality tests in the building industry


Providing the right services throughout the company has made it possible for many customers to join the big family every day. This is evidenced by the claim that more than 0001 active customers are on the build customer list.